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Yucheng Sanxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1999, Yucheng Sanxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yucheng at the northwestern end of Shandong that is only 50 kilometers from Ji’nan, the capital city of Shandong. Convenient traffic environment and profound Confucian culture supports the thriving development of Sanxing Science and Technology.
sells cyanoacrylate instant cementing compound (502 instant glue) with an annual production capacity at 2000 tons. Thanks to its advanced technology, high quality and considerable services
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Address:Nanhuan Road, High-tech Development Zone, Yucheng, Shandong
Company phone:+86-534-2120388 +86-15269435088
Company fax:+86-534-2122388
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